Vmware Vcloud Director

1.VMware Vcloud Introduction                                                                                           

2.Architecture & component overview                                                                               

3.configure & Manage VMware Vsphere Resources for Vcloud Director Director                                             4.Vcloud Director installation & Configuration                                                                           

5.Cell Management Tool Reference                                                                                       

6.Vmware Vcloud Networking                                                                                                        

7.Getting started with Vcloud Director                                                                               

8.Managing Cloud Resources                                                                                               

9.Managig System Administrators                                                                                     

10.Managing system Settings                                                                                                

11.Managing organizations                                                                                                         

12.VMware Vcloud Connector Administration                                                   

13.Organizations Administration                                                                                   

14.Organization Users                                                                                                               

15.working with Vapp Templates                                                                                        

16.working with Catalogs

17.working with Vapps

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