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Java EE Introduction

·      Java EE Overview

·      Java EE Technologies

·      Java EE Architecture

·      MVC

Servlets and JSP with the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

·      Web Application Basics

·      How the Web works, Thin Clients, TCP/IP

·      HTTP overview, Brief HTML review

·      Overview of Java EE, servlets & Web applications.

·      Servlet Basics

·      Servlet API

·      HTML Forms

·      HTTP: Request-response, headers, GET, POST

·      Overview: How Servlets Work

·      Servlet Lifecycle: init(), service(), destroy()

·      Requests and responses

·      Core Servlet API: GenericServlet, ServletRequest, and ServletResponse

·      HTTP Servlets: HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and HttpServlet

·      Accessing Parameters

·      Additional Servlet Capabilities

·      HTTP headers and MIME types

·      RequestDispatcher: Including and forwarding

·      Sharing data with the request object attributes

·      Sharing data with ServletContext attributes

·      Error Handling

·      JavaServer Pages

·      Basics and Overview

·      JSP architecture

·      JSP tags and JSP expressions

·      Fixed Template Data

·      Lifecycle of a JSP

·      Model View Controller (MVC)

·      Model 1/Model 2 Architecture

·      Data Sharing among servlets & JSP

·      Object scopes or “buckets”

·      Request, application, session and page scope

·      Predefined JSP implicit objects (request, session, application, page)

·      ‹jsp:useBean›

·      ‹jsp:getProperty›, ‹jsp:setProperty›

·      ‹jsp:include›, ‹jsp:forward›

·      Using Custom Tags

·      Custom tags overview

·      Reducing JSP complexity

·      Tag Libraries

·      Tag Library Descriptor (TLD)

·      Loading a tag library in a web app

·      The JSTL

·      JSP Expression Language (EL)

·      Using custom tags

·      The c:url, c:param, c:forEach, c:out tags

·      More JSP Capabilities and Session Management

·      HTTP as a stateless protocol

·      Hidden form fields

·      Cookies: Overview, API, Using cookies

·      Session overview: Cookies and session tracking

·      HttpSession

·      Putting data into a session object

·      Retrieving data from a session object

·      Using session data in servlets and JSPs

·      Additional JSP Capabilities

·      Exception handling and error pages

·      Directives (page, include, others)

·      Import declarations

·      Multithreading considerations and data safety

·      SingleThreadModel interface

·      Additional JSP Capabilities

·      JSP Directives

·      JSP Error Pages

·      JSP and Java

·      Declarations, Scriptlet overview, Scriptlet syntax

·      More JSTL

·      Overview of JSTL libraries

·      The JSTL Expression Language

·      Expressions, Type Coercion, Operators, String concatenation, Implicit Objects

·      The Core JSTL Library

·      General Purpose: c:out, c:set, c:catch

·      Conditional: c:if, c:choose,

·      Overview of other capabilities

·      Additional Topics

·      Servlet Filter overview

·      Filtering examples, lifecycle, & filter chains

·      Filter API, Modifying a request, Modifying a response


·      Introduction

·      Relational Database and JDBC Overview

·      Overview, Table Relationships, Web Based Data Access, JDBC Characteristics

·      JDBC Architecture, JDBC API Overview

·      DriverManager, JDBC Drivers

·      Naming databases with JDBC URLs

·      Connecting to a database

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